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Scanning Update

This morning I was up early but not to shop. Before 9 a.m. I scanned another 487 photos. I have learned to scan all mindlessly. I can decide what to keep, whether it is a duplicate, etc., later. My ScanSnap saves … Continue reading

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A Great Picture Viewer

I am using Windows 7. I had tried Media Center in Vista but it was mostly an unpleasant experience. Win 7 was no better and I wrote it off. Then I discovered Media Center is meant to be manipulated with … Continue reading

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Identifying Photos Revisited

I got involved in revising my file system, going to Network Attached Storage and installing Windows 7. The last required a clean install and a reinstall of all programs. Thus I downloaded the last version of Picasa which is 3.6. … Continue reading

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Mystery Pictures

Last year I scanned all the paper. Bits and pieces keep showing up but, for the most part, I am current on scanning my documents. See Ancestor Hunting if you are interested in the details of how I did it. … Continue reading

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Solving the Mystery

Genealogy is often a mystery. Everyone loves a good mystery, right? In genealogy we want to solve all the mysteries and end up with all the facts. But until we do we need to search out the facts like any … Continue reading

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Genealogy Photo Album

One of the things you can do on Facebook is upload photos and, frankly, it is a lot easier than creating a web page. Now you can share the photo albums with people who aren’t on Facebook. You can find … Continue reading

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Done Digitalizing the Paper

It’s been awhile but at this point all of my paper is scanned in and pretty much organized. It’s also backed up. It’s a great feeling. That doesn’t mean I have entered all the information in my genealogy program or … Continue reading

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Who Are Those People? – All Those Pictures

Going Digital 4 Scan all your old pictures. That’s the first step. If you have many pictures think about scheduling an hour or two or three a week to the task until it is done. There’s plenty of advice online … Continue reading

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