Done Digitalizing the Paper

It’s been awhile but at this point all of my paper is scanned in and pretty much organized. It’s also backed up. It’s a great feeling. That doesn’t mean I have entered all the information in my genealogy program or done everything I want to do with the materials but I have eliminated the possibility of losing it to, say, a hurricane.

I still have a couple boxes of pictures. For some reason I dread scanning them. Of course, I will not be tossing them after they are scanned either.

The multi-function Brother printer/scanner/fax/copier is attached to my router and available to all computers on my network. Sounds great, right? The reality is you really need to be sitting by the scanner when you are scanning.

I’m experimenting with software which allows me to write a caption on the photos so down the road people won’t say “who the heck is this?” as I have said many, many times.

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