My Ancestor Hunting blog began July 12, 2006. It followed Logan County Genealogy which began on May 28, 2006. On October 31, 2008, I added Graveyards of South Logan County. The WordPress blog Genealogy Sleuth rolled them all into one.

My ancestors arrived in central Illinois in the 1800’s, most in the period 1820-1835, most to what is now south Logan County. At one time it was all Sangamon County but due to the interference of the Illinois Legislature and notably some guy named Abraham Lincoln, the area became Sangamon, Logan, Menard and DeWitt. Most of my ancestors lived in a couple townships in Logan and stayed there. I really appreciate that they made it convenient for me.

Not surprisingly perhaps I have the Logan County ILGenWeb site. In the olden days I was the ILGenWeb State Coordinator. I got retirement but I gained Macon County ILGenWeb and Sangamon County ILGenWeb.

If you follow the blog you will know I am not bound to anyone else’s rules, say what I think and have even been wrong at least once.

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