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Scanning Update

This morning I was up early but not to shop. Before 9 a.m. I scanned another 487 photos. I have learned to scan all mindlessly. I can decide what to keep, whether it is a duplicate, etc., later. My ScanSnap saves … Continue reading

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Scanning Update

Ok, Ms. Smarty Pants, are your files perfect someone asked? Nope. And my system is not perfect to begin with, rather it is one that works for me and may work for you. In my defense I have computer files … Continue reading

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Digital Organizing

You’ve been scanning away. Time to organize. If you follow the outlines of this flexible system you will always be able to find your digital documents. Pictures are a separate topic. I use an external hard plugged into a USB … Continue reading

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ScanSnap 3 – Photos

I put nearly 200 photos through the ScanSnap in less than an hour while I was talking on the phone the other morning. It pretty much does everything for you. I feed them through individually after sorting a bit by … Continue reading

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ScanSnap 2

I have worked with the ScanSnap with pictures this week. Unfortunately I haven’t had enough time in the last week to put it through all its paces but I am impressed so far. I put some snapshots of scenery through … Continue reading

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Mystery Pictures

Last year I scanned all the paper. Bits and pieces keep showing up but, for the most part, I am current on scanning my documents. See Ancestor Hunting if you are interested in the details of how I did it. … Continue reading

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Done Digitalizing the Paper

It’s been awhile but at this point all of my paper is scanned in and pretty much organized. It’s also backed up. It’s a great feeling. That doesn’t mean I have entered all the information in my genealogy program or … Continue reading

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Who Are Those People? – All Those Pictures

Going Digital 4 Scan all your old pictures. That’s the first step. If you have many pictures think about scheduling an hour or two or three a week to the task until it is done. There’s plenty of advice online … Continue reading

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